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Date: 02 Oct 2002

Well, Al, that's a big assumption...even I, not one of the most systematic scholars onlist, have read at least something by each of these folks...usually short fiction rather than novels, but nonetheless...largely thanks to such anthologists as William F. Nolan, Bill Pronzini, Ed Gorman, and Martin Greenberg (and even Jerome Charyn, in THE NEW MYSTERY).

Speaking of anthologies, I've recently obtained both the new Penzler/Ellroy
(BEST AMERICAN) and Gorman/Greenberg (WORLD'S FINEST) best-of-the-year assemblies, and have I missed any discussion of these here yet? Between the volumes, one nearly finds the entirety of the rather good MYSTERIOUS PRESS ANNIVERSARY ANTHOLOGY reprinted (including one of the weaker stories, the McBain), and Jeffrey Deaver's remarkably stupid "Beautiful" seems to have been judged superb not soley by Janet Hutchings, who may've been hoping to keep relations warm for a better story from Deaver in the future, but by Gorman and/or Greenberg...and congratulations to listmembers whose stories have been included or shortlisted. TM

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> Iceberg Slim Gores Gresham Rankin
> James Cain McCoy Ed Anderson Spillane
> Fearing Crumley Westlake Goodis
> Himes Rabe Leonard Raymond
> Crews Woolrich Faulkner Daly
> Chavarria Burnett Gardner O'Hara
> West Paul Cain Whitfield
I'm just impressed that you've read all these guys. I certainly haven't and I doubt if anyone else on the list has.

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