Re: RARA-AVIS: Jim Doherty's Gems

Date: 01 Oct 2002


Re your messge below:

> Dorothy Uhnak
> Louisa Dixon
> Anne Wingate
> Gina Gallo
> Nevada Barr
> Robert Daley
> William Caunitz
> Dan Mahoney
> Ed Dee
> Sgt Thomas P. Connors, NYPD, and Lt. Paul
> Glaser, NYPD
> David Hunter
> O'Neil DeNoux
> Cherokee Paul McDonald
> Hugh Holton
> Paul Lindsay
> Albert Cornelis Baantjer
> Ted Wood
> John Galvin
> Fridrikh Neznansky

That was the lot, Bill. Be advised that, while I enjoy all of those writers, not all of them are super-stars. For one thing, all of them were writers I never mentioned in posts on LA, San Francisco, or British cops-turned-writers (during months devoted to those areas). Neither were they cop-writers were have been mentioned a lot by other Rara-Avians (like Donald Harstad, for example).

Some of them, Louisa Dixon and Fridrikh Neznansky, for example, were chosen as much for their interesting law enforcement careers as for their writing.

Finally, just to give my posts some focus, and because I'm a cop-writer myself, all of them were cops (or at least quasi-cops). There are hundreds of good police procedural writers who have no professional law enforcement background.
> Additionally, I am curious, Jim, if these were
> written specifically for
> Rara-Avis, or if they are extracts from a larger
> Work, already written or
> being worked on?

Written right off the top of my head, just for Rara-Avis, and no one else.
> Furthermore, if I were publishing a
> general-circulation mystery fanzine,
> I'd be asking if I might publish them in a more
> tangible form, for the
> benefit of those poor souls who are not subscribed
> to this List.

And I'd be saying yes, if you're willing to do the editing and make it clear that they first appeared on the Rara-Avis mailing list.
> In fact ... *if* you've no other plans at the
> moment, I'd love the chance
> to reprint the pieces in my DAPA-Em apazine --
> although I'd probably split
> it up over two or three issues.

I'm familiar with DAPA-EM, and I'd be happy if they were reprinted, under the conditions mentioned above.
> Then again: I just (Saturday) received the first
> issue of the Kate
> Stine-edited Mystery Scene. Perhaps she might be
> interested in a
> compendium of your posts.... (Don't want it to
> become "cozy-heavy", after
> all!)

That would be fine, too. Does she pay? I know DAPA-EM would be a freebie, which is okay with me, but naturally, I'd prefer to get paid.
> In any event, Thanks for yet another reason why,
> even if I don't contribute
> much of substance, I always enjoy my morning cup 'o
> rara-avis!

Thanks for your kind comments. And thanks also to everyone else on Rara-Avis who posted compliments, and to those of you who contacted me personally with nice comments.


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