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From: Bill Bowers ( BBowers@one.net)
Date: 01 Oct 2002

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>Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 19:04:16 -0700
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>Subject: Re: RARA-AVIS: Jim Doherty's Favorites
>Thanks for the favorite writer and top 10 novels list, Jim. Like Bill
>Denton, I took notes for a while, but then resigned myself to depending on
>the archives because of the overwhelming amount of information you were
>Your top 10 authors and novels list is a great place to start.
>Thanks again, miker

I, on the other hand, was anal enough to copy off each Daily Dose into a text document, and do a bit of reformatting, if only for my own future Reference.

Despite the fact the Procedural is not normally my first choice when I delve/dive into the TBR stacks, this *is* a remarkable body of work, Jim.

My tote sheet (did I miss any?) reads:

         Dorothy Uhnak
         Louisa Dixon
         Anne Wingate
         Gina Gallo
         Nevada Barr
         Robert Daley
         William Caunitz
         Dan Mahoney
         Ed Dee
         Sgt Thomas P. Connors, NYPD, and Lt. Paul Glaser, NYPD
         David Hunter
         O'Neil DeNoux
         Cherokee Paul McDonald
         Hugh Holton
         Paul Lindsay
         Albert Cornelis Baantjer
         Ted Wood
         John Galvin
         Fridrikh Neznansky

Additionally, I am curious, Jim, if these were written specifically for Rara-Avis, or if they are extracts from a larger Work, already written or being worked on?

Furthermore, if I were publishing a general-circulation mystery fanzine, I'd be asking if I might publish them in a more tangible form, for the benefit of those poor souls who are not subscribed to this List.

In fact ... *if* you've no other plans at the moment, I'd love the chance to reprint the pieces in my DAPA-Em apazine -- although I'd probably split it up over two or three issues. (It's small circulation, 40 copies for the apa, basically; and I'd send you a text file before printing, for tweaking...) [I should know these things, but are any Avians -- other than Frank Denton and the omnipresent Bill Crider -- who are also in the mystery apa?]

Then again: I just (Saturday) received the first issue of the Kate Stine-edited Mystery Scene. Perhaps she might be interested in a compendium of your posts.... (Don't want it to become "cozy-heavy", after all!)

In any event, Thanks for yet another reason why, even if I don't contribute much of substance, I always enjoy my morning cup 'o rara-avis!

Bill Bowers

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