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Date: 16 Sep 2002

> Belatedly, it was, very obviously and intentionally. I don't know if
> did drilling for that reason, but it seems in character. TM
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> I thought Oates' "Zombie" was based on the Dahmer case. Didn't Dahmer
> he
> was drilling victims' heads to turn them into zombies who would obey
> commands? Doug
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I don't know about Oates but the business about Dahmer drilling holes into his victims to create zombies is correct. His basic motivation was that he wanted to keep these guys - or more precisely, their bodies - around. Like the British necrophile, Dennis Nielsen, the catalyst for the murder of these young men was when they expressed an intention to go home. Ironically, in Dahmer's case at least, one or two of his victims were genuinely attracted to him & would've returned of their own accord.


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