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Date: 16 Sep 2002

That's nice, and might even've kept her from being sued. So it's just an accident that they're both junkies? (Not that this was uncommon among jazz players, sadly, of course.)

Of course, this may well've been a case such as PSYCHO, wherein Robert Bloch, having heard/read the initial reports of Ed Gein's activities, managed to accidentally parallel some of the as-yet unreported aspects of the case. But BB's life, in comparison, was not an obscure bit of grotesquerie at the time.

She knows better than I, but to claim the music alone inspired her seems disingenuous at best. TM

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> Yes, it was inspired by Beiderbecke's life.

Not according to the author. "The inspiration for the writing of this book
[Young Man With a Horn] has been the music, but NOT the life, of a great musician, Leon (Bix) Beiderbecke, who died in the year 1931." - attributed to Dorothy Baker on the inside page of my 1962 Corgi edition.

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