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From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 11 Sep 2002

http://www.starzsuperpak.com/se/mystery/schedule.html?month=9/11/2002 will tell what's on Encore's "Mystery Channel" (which DirecTV, at least, was uniformly describing as horror offerings --and NIGHT GALLERY certainly qualifies, mostly...THX-1138 IS crime fiction, I suppose)...for those who would choose not to buy a fascinating digest-sized magazine of a certain stripe (there aren't any "standard-digest" cf magazines any more, it occurs to me...) TM

-----Original Message----- From: Jan Long [mailto: janlong821@earthlink.net] miker asked:

> And where can I get a guide that tells me what's on TCM?

Go to: http://www.tcm.turner.com/ and at the bottom, click on "site map." When the little site map window pops up, if you click on "Printable Schedule" under the "Schedule" heading, it'll give you the schedule for the entire month.

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