RARA-AVIS: "Marlowe"+"The Falcon Takes Over"

From: Bludis Jack ( buildsnburns@yahoo.com)
Date: 10 Sep 2002

I saw James Garner's MARLOWE, which was based on Chandler's THE LITTLE SISTER.

I hate it when they try to update something--this one to the late 1960s. After stubbling over hippies and peace signs and spaced-out youth, and feeling like I was watching an episode of "The Rockford Files," the story settled down and "sort of" worked. It was insteresting to see Rita Marino, who now plays a late-middle-age nun on OZ as a hot young number. Also interesting to see Bruce Lee in his first film flip himself off a roof.

I think it would have been better in black and white, but I always think that about noir unless the colors are terribley muted as in "The Road to Perdition."

In some ways, the film reminded me of a novel by John D. MacDonald.

I can't compare it to Chandler's book, because I don't remember the book. I may go back just to compare.

For the hell of it, I looked at "The Falcon Takes Over" which I also taped. It was based on Chandler's FAIRWELL, MY LOVELY (somewhat roughly) with George Sanders inserting his "Falcon" persona into the Phillp Marlowe Role. Ward Bond did a credible, if underplayed, Moose.

(For those who don't know Saunders' Falcon is a bon vivant character who has nothing to do with Sam Spade or Hammet's Malese Falcon.)

Jack Bludis

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