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From: Joy Matkowski (
Date: 08 Sep 2002

The reader reviews at complain that the books are dark and depressing (the owner dies of a cocaine overdose) and not at all fun. I'd guess hard-boiled, and I ordered the first one.
    Thanks for the tip. I'd normally pass on anything involving pet stores as too cute, plus there's something too mercenary about buying a housemate, sort of like mail-order brides.


Jan Long <> asked:
> Has anyone here read Barbara Block's Robin Light series? If so, how would
> classify these? This series was originally recommended to me by someone
> knows I like animals, since the protagonist owns a pet store, but these
> definitely not cozies. (In fact, even the pet store isn't cozy. Instead
> cute little kitties or doggies, the place seems to deal basically with
> reptilian.)
> Also, the acknowledgments in the fourth book read, in part, that she'd
like to
> thank " son, Larry Block, for taking the time to read my manuscript
> offer suggestions." Does anyone know if this is "THE" Larry Block?

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