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Date: 04 Sep 2002

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> I'm biased toward male writers and characters. I don't think there's much
> difference between the sexes. Yes, women have these different hormones,
> men seem to work up a irrational heads of steam for their own reasons. Men
> have this bit of iron in their nose that gives us a basic sense of
> direction, but we still get lost.
> The main difference is cultural. Being physically weaker and having less
> authority (usually) woman may be prone to resentment (occasionally) and
> forced to exercise power by proxy or in spheres left to them by men

Sorry, Kerry, but I must live on a different planet. I see the difference between the sexes as vast (incidentally, I see the main difference as biological, rather than cultural). For example: women give birth, men don't. You could write a book with the repercussions of that single difference (and somebody undoubtedly has). For instance, a child asking a priest what the difference between knowledge and faith was might receive the following reply: "Child, your mother knows that you're her daughter. Your father, well, he has faith that you're his."

In terms of women writing male characters, I think the key point to remember is that our instincts are different. For example, a woman with a problem: male instinct is to help her solve it. A man with a problem: female instinct is to offer sympathy and support.

I'm going to shut up now before this descends into John Gray territory.


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