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Date: 03 Sep 2002

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<< And you are right about the cats. Hem-

ingway had bunches of them, at both the Key West place that

he shared with Pauline, and then at the Finca in Cuba, with

Mary. >>

I've been to the place in Key West a half dozen times. The cats are still around. Bunches of them. Of course, there are those reports that Hemingway was gay. I could care less, but I found it funny that my friend in Los Angeles, who has two dogs and two cats and keeps telling me they were all his wife's idea, thinks a guy who loves cats is fey.

I've been married for a long time to a man who is meticulous about hanging up his clothes. He cooks, too, and does laundry. But let him spill a drop of wine or soup on the kitchen floor -- it's invisible. He's never found a crumb to wipe away on a countertop. And he WILL NOT wipe all the peanut butter off the knife before he puts the knife in the dishwasher. But at least he puts the knife in the dishwasher.

I think there are lots of differences between men and women, and I love every single one of them.

Best, Jean

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