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From: Robison Michael R CNIN (
Date: 03 Sep 2002

Jean said: One of my guy friends suggested that a single man wouldn't have cats, that it was a single-woman thing. I totally disagree, having known several manly men who love cats.

******** hi Jean,

Your new character and your finding him is amusing. You're doing a good job. And you are right about the cats. Hem- ingway had bunches of them, at both the Key West place that he shared with Pauline, and then at the Finca in Cuba, with Mary.

And your statement about guys checking out the women in the bar is fine as far as it goes... is there anywhere where the guys don't look for the women? And guys consider a place neat if you can walk across the floor without tripping over last week's newspaper or, worse, last week's dinner plate.

I must admit that, until your post, I was fairly unconvinced that there was any solid difference that was anything other than a tired, wore-out stereotype, but you got 90% of us guys pegged with your new character.


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