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<< I rather like new men, frankly, but I want mine to be a male. I am surprised at how few suggestions I'm getting, by the way. >>


I am late getting to this thread, so forgive me if I've totally misread what it's about. But I gather you are noodling a book with a male protagonist and wondering how to cast the character. My first novel had a male protagonist, and I didn't think twice about cross-gender writing. It seemed to work. But what did I know back when I was just starting out? Then I wrote two novels with female progatonists, and my fourth is a man, again. I have two men friends who are reading pages for me this time -- who didn't read behind me on the first novel -- and they have made some very interesting suggestions that are right on-point. I'm perfectly happy to share. But I don't know if it something appropriately done in this forum or privately, off-group. Let me know.

Best, Jean Heller

Best, Jean

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