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Date: 03 Sep 2002

On Monday, September 2, 2002, at 11:58 PM, RARA-AVIS Digest wrote:

George has no idea what goes on inside a man's head, but her audience can identify with her cloying nonsense because their fantasy of what a sensitive male is corresponds to her fantasy.

Can ANYBODY over the age of 12 and the IQ of 66 read...? Ah. An attack of bitchiness comes on at the very name. Sorry Jim, but I have tried to read a couple of her books set in England and found them so riddled with errors, psychological idiocies and Sayers that I couldn't go on. (Incidentally, I am trying to read one of Martha Grimes' Jury books at the moment, and ) Well what can I say? They are both much loved, and both of them certainly sell a lot more than I do, but characterization, motive, credibility...

<sputter, stutter>

I've collected several votes so far (from men) for Rozan and for Jan Burke, and am almost beginning to see what I'm looking for. You will all deduce that I am furrowing my brow over a new male character. Please, carry on - if you can - because it's extremely useful. I rather like new men, frankly, but I want mine to be a male. I am surprised at how few suggestions I'm getting, by the way.


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