Re: RARA-AVIS: Elizabeth George

Date: 02 Sep 2002


Re your comments below:
> I watched the most recent PBS Mystery series
> featuring Elizabeth
> George's cozies, figuring watching one of her
> stories on TV would spare me
> from reading an ARC of one of her books. Her main
> character Thomas Lynley
> was such "a sensitive male," I puked. He was more
> sensitive than any woman
> in the story, especially the 18 yr old murderer who
> used an axe to behead
> her father.

While I might have a hard time describing the "Eighth Earl of Aylesford" (or whatever the heck his title is) as "hard-boiled" (at one point he even says that trying to put on a "hard-boiled" pose didn't work for him), I can't really describe Ms. George's work as

Ms. Geroge goes to a great deal of trouble to get the details of police procedure right, and, for all that her cop-hero is a titled aristocrat more likely to evoke Lord Peter or Mr. Campion than Joe Friday or Steve Carella, he's a cop who investigates cases more or less the way a real cop would.

For the record I liked both the book and the TV version of A GREAT DELIVERANCE. Interesting that the two cop novels discussed so far during police procedural month, A GREAT DELIVERANCE and JDM's ONE MONDAY WE KILLED THEM ALL, are by two such disparate writers, which just goes to show how broadly the procedural can stretch.


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