RARA-AVIS: Vinnie Got Blown Away

From: Joy Matkowski ( jmatkowski1@comcast.net)
Date: 02 Sep 2002

Karin Montin < kmontin@total.net> just bought
> Jeremy Cameron, Brown Bread in Wengen, which I've never heard of, but it
> sounds promising. The author, who has worked a probation officer in
> Walthamstow, has written Vinnie Got Blown Away and It Was an Accident.
> Anyone read any of them?

With a title like that, I had to check it out and discovered it's another BritNoir author not available in the U.S. Some readers caution that these books aren't comprehensible to those not fluent in Londonese. I, too, would appreciate some comments.

Joy, reading Hall's Body Language, in the subgenre of crazed serial rapist-murderers who leave clues to their identity, but otherwise not bad

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