Re: RARA-AVIS: Charles Williams

From: Michael Robison (
Date: 31 Aug 2002

Rene said:
> Me too, except for how he committed suicide - if I have my facts right,
> Williams took his boat out one day, then went for a swim from it & never
> returned. Many people, myself included,think that his marine novels are
> the best (admittedly I've only read a small handful of his books). They
> have a spooky quality that gets even spookier when you know how he died.
> (Yes, that's very literary phrasing, Edna.) Williams books that I have
> ( orig. title escapes me at present). I haven't read DEAD CALM but a
> nice little movie was made here in Oz based on it.

********* I hit this French site which had some interesting details about his death. They stated that the suicide by drowning was a lie that was implied by his suicide note to his agent, but that actually his body was found in his Los Angeles apartment. The article said he didn't even own a boat at this point in his life. Never can tell about the net, of course, but it did supply some details that somehow lent it an air of authenticity.

Maybe we can get Terrill to go thru the LA newspaper archives and check for news blurbs on or around the date of his death. Like Bill Crider says, there's very little out there about him. Its a damned shame.

I ordered SAILCLOTH SHROUD and HOT SPOT (aka HELL HATH NO FURY) today. I'm going to look for HILL GIRL soon.


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