RARA-AVIS: Is Carroll John Daly a guy or girl?

From: Brian Evankovich ( brianevankovich@hotmail.com)
Date: 29 Aug 2002

Mike, I actually enjoy Daly. I think SNARL and HIDDEN HAND are the only two that I didn't like. THE TAG MURDERS, TAINTED POWER, and THE THIRD MURDERER were outstanding (of the Race books), despite Daly's weaknesses. SNARL just didn't do it for me, although now that I understand more of how Daly wrote, I might give it another try. HIDDEN HAND, forget about it. It was okay, but I figured out the villian before I was halfway through it and that ruined it for me. You should try the other Daly books I mentioned, they're a trilogy of sorts, but they do require some patience because they're stretched out a lot and it's real clear doing a long book was another thing Daly couldn't tackle. And definately grab "The Adventures of Race Williams" from the Mysterious Library to see how he did short stories, if you read nothing else of his. Great stuff there. Daly had the juice to be a good writer, could of been a real contender, he just didn't want to work at it. --Brian

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