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From: Bill Bowers ( BBowers@one.net)
Date: 27 Aug 2002

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>Subject: RARA-AVIS: Willeford connection
>Betsy Willeford said:
>Knox Burger asked Charles or whoever was delivering Charles's ms at the time
>to stop submitting work to Gold Medal; Burger really, profoundly disliked
>"this guy Willeford's" writing.
>It seems you share last names with one of the all-time greats
>in hardboiled/noir. Is this a coincidence? I've read Wille-
>ford's two autobiographies, but it's been a while, so you must
>forgive me if you were mentioned in them.
>thanks, miker

She won't be mentioned there, but have you read Don Herron's WILLEFORD?**

[350 page hardcover - ISBN 0-939767-34-1 $30] Still available from the publisher, Dennis McMillan, at http://www.dennismcmillan.com/catalog/index.htm ]

Several articles on/about Willeford also, if you poke around the site.


While I'm helping you spend all your money:

Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller
....is offering:

>THE RED HOT TYPEWRITER: The Life and Times of John D. MacDonald .
>By Hugh Merrill
>The creator of Travis McGee is profiled--one of the first writers to weave
>into his adventures a concern for the environment; he had had published 70
>novels and over 500 of his short stories.
>256 pages
>Published by St Martin's
>Item # 2114917
>ISBN 0312209053
>Remainder Pub at $24.95 Your Price $9.95

This is, quite simply, the best biography of any genre writer [mystery; sf] I've read; one I don't regret having paid full price for.

The unfortunate thing about giving you that link is that you probably won't get out of the site with your check book intact!


>CRIME FICTION II, REVISED EDITION: A Comprehensive Bibliography, 1749-1990
>By Allen J. Hubin
>Covers all crime fiction in the English language published in book form
>(both soft and hard covers) through the end of 1990. Excluded are magazine
>and dime novel fiction, juvenile and children's material, omnibus
>collections and anthologies. 1568 pages in two volumes.
>Published by Garland
>Item # 2013827
>ISBN 0824068912
>Remainder Pub at $250.00 Your Price $59.95

Yeah, I know it's been superseded by the CD-Rom; but this is still a massive resource, for the money.

Last time I looked, several of the Collector's Press "20th Century..." cover-collections, at a third cover price. Damn. I better close this window ... now!

The Fatal Attraction is that if you order one book ... or a hundred
(probably; I've done as many as twenty at a time....) the Shipping Charge is a flat $3.50. [The pain-in-the-ass is that they only ship within the U.S. Sorry.]

One more: Fredric Brown has been mentioned here, once or twice.

A couple of years ago. Nesfa Press [ http://www.nesfa.org/press/ ] published

 From These Ashes: The Complete Short SF of Fredric Brown by Fredric Brown
[$29.00 (hardcover) ], still available; and now, just published: Martians and Madness A collection of Fredric Brown's five SF novels. 1-886778-17-5. [He's one author who, if you enjoy his mysteries, you'll likely also enjoy his science fiction...]

...but, of more relevance to Rara-Avians:

*Please* check out http://www.stewartmasters.com/home2.html !

To wit:

>The Fredric Brown Mystery Library
> Stewart Masters Publishing is proud to present The Fredric Brown
> Mystery Library. Our mission is to bring back into print, in quality
> hardcover editions, all of Brown's mystery and detective novels and short
> stories. Collecting Brown's works can be difficult and expensive. Many of
> his novels were in print only briefly as hardcover editions from
> Dutton, and a few were never even reprinted in paperback editions.
> For the average mystery reader, the hardcover and paperback first
> editions are generally priced out of reach on the collectors' market. The
> Fredric Brown Mystery Library will encompass seven volumes. The first two
> volumes scheduled to be published in 2002 are Hunter and Hunted, Parts
> One and Two, which include the entire series of Ed and Ambrose Hunter
> detective stories-never before published together!

I have the first volume; it is beautiful! And it came in the most "secure" mailer I've ever received a book in. (Pricey, but I figure I'll be able to sell off the paperbacks of the two I had on eBay, and, possibly pay for this 4-novel Omnibus....)

No, I get no 'consideration' for these unsolicited 'plugs'.

Nesfa & McMillan are fairly well established, but Masters is just starting out ... and I selfishly want him to get enough support to complete the seven-volume series.

After all, that's the only way I'll get access to all those Fred Brown short stories McMillan has had locked up in out-of-print editions all these years!

Besides, why should I be the only one on Rara-Avis, who is continually broke ... as a result of reading the damn List!

Bill B
         ** _Everyone_ should read this & the two autobiographies, before 
July 2003!

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