Re: RARA-AVIS: You gotta love it.

From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 25 Aug 2002

> Here's a message I got from a friend of mine who's been
> doing a little reading in academic journals. I don't think
> I'd want to read the article, but I really like knowing it
> exists.
> Bill Crider
> >>>>I hit bottom this morning with an article on the
> "Digital/Oral Consciousness" in Chandler's fiction. [The
> writer] counted the number of times "thumb" turned up in
> Chandler, as well as finger, hand, mouth, and a couple of
> other related images, and wrote on the subject which "no
> critic has yet seriously treated." I doubt that it's been
> treated at all.<<<<
> --

I recently came across an essay online that was solely concerned with the relative positions, i.e. standing or sitting, of the characters in the movie of DOUBLE INDEMNITY. It came complete with diagrams illustrating the patterns created, something like so: xxXX or xXxX, etc. I guess if I'd read the essay I'd know what the patterns signified. (And then again, maybe I still wouldn't know.)


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