From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 22 Aug 2002

Reportedly bad Rod Serling script from a novel by Jack Finney, of all people, John (I haven't seen this one yet). I dug caper movies, as well, but GOLDEN BULLS didn't cut it for me, then...but I did enjoy the likes of THE GREAT RACE then, so go figure (and the likes of FORBIDDEN GAMES and RASHOMON, on the Janus Collection PBS THEATER package, but I was a video junkie then, even moreso than now). TM


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<< Yes. Every dull if occasionally pretty minute of [the film version of THE CAPER OF THE GOLDEN BULLS]. (My memory of the film is from afternoon movie plays in late childhood, some 25 years ago, on commercial broadcast television; I've no desire to see it again.) Dunno if it's in print in the US, though. >>

okay, I haven't seen this picture since I was a kid either. but back then I

liked it a lot. I imagine that upon viewing it now, it's probably every bit

as dated as the similarly vintaged ASSAULT ON A QUEEN. however caper movies

like that had everything I liked about movies in them, and I'll continue to remember it fondly.

had no idea BULLS was based on a book. have to track it down. anyone know if QUEEN was as well?

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