RARA-AVIS: Police Procedural Month

From: Chris Martin ( cptpipes@hotmail.com)
Date: 22 Aug 2002

This is my last day w/ access to Rara Avis until the middle of September as work is taking me out of town for about 20 days or so. I bring this up because I hope to work my way through a few police procedurals during the down times I have while away. My list includes the following:

- One of McBain's 87th Precinct novels. I've never read McBain before(gasp!) and the spirit of the month mandates I give him a whirl.

- Something by Wambaugh. I worked my way through his canon one summer in college and loved it. THE GLITTER DOME and THE SECRETS OF HARRY BRIGHT were my favorites. To ignore Wambaugh during PP month borders on ludicrous.

- SUICIDE HILL by Ellroy. Another one I've read before. It definitely fits into the DIN category (who came up w/ that again? I like it).

- THE INTEROGATION by Thomas Cook. Under Doherty's Dogma, I believe this one can qualify as a precedural.

Best to all. I'll look forward to returning some good discussions. Chris

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