RARA-AVIS: Re: Another Fawcett Gold Medal opening

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 21 Aug 2002

On 19 August 2002, William Denton wrote:

: I'm reading Bruno Fischer's THE LADY KILLS (1951). The opening: a man
: knocks on a door and it's answered by a gorgeous young woman in a skimpy
: bikini. I'm sure I read a Shell Scott book with an opening like this ...
: though maybe there she was actually wearing a towel, or maybe she was
: naked. Shell was always lucky.

The opening to THE WAILING FRAIL (Fawcett Gold Medal #712, 1956), the tenth Shell Scott novel:

| She yanked the door open with a crash and said, "Gran--" but then
| she stopped and stared at me. She was nude as a noodle.
} I stared right back at her.
| "Oh!" she squealed. "You're not Grandma!"
| "No," I said, "I'm Shell Scott, and you're not Grandma either."
| She slammed the door in my face.
| Yep, I thought, this is the right house.
| My brain was reeling. Now that I had time to consider it, that
| had been a gorgeous babe. Even dressed in a Father Hubbard she
| would have been gorgeous. But wearing only a doorway, she had looked
| like the next step in the evolution of women.

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