RARA-AVIS: Re: Pre-1930's

From: Kevin Burton Smith ( kvnsmith@thrillingdetective.com)
Date: 19 Aug 2002

Miker wrote:

>I'm reading THE SNARL OF THE BEAST right now. I'm thinking
>that as far as hardboiled novels, the reading list before
>1930 is sorta thin, isn't it? Carrol John Daly and Hammett
>are the only ones I can think of. Hemingway was writing in
>this period, but, except for TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT, I don't
>really consider his novels hardboiled, and I believe it came
>out after 1930.

Since Professor T. took care of the few I could think of, all I can point out is that most of the hard-boiled hordes that sprung up in Hammett and Daly's wake only made it to novels in the thirties. But it was the early thirties for the most part.

If you're willing to spot me a few months, I'd suggest Raoul Whitfield's DEATH IN A BOWL. And, oh if you can find them, and you don't mind short stories, find some featuring Tough Dick Donohue by Frederick Nebel, Jo Gar by Ramon Delacorta, Max Latin by Norbert Davis, Steve Midnight by John K. Butler and Dan Turner by Robert Leslie Bellem. Pulpy as hell, but you don't get much more hard-boiled than this stuff, and the best of them are every bit as good as it gets.


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