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Etienne I think it was an interview with Pouy that I saw the reference to Manchette and the origin of the term "polar." Though it might have been that he was saying that Manchette gave the term added meaning by thinking of his fiction as a "snapshot of society." By the way, Helena's Les Flics... and Le Bon Dieu have been, or will soon be, reprinted in France, while his Defense du roman noir also appears in Polar 23. And speaking of Manchette, have you come across the City Lights translations of, presumably, La position du tireur couch頡nd Trois hommes ᠡbattre. One hopes they will sell well enough for City Lights to publish more such work, by Manchette and others, but sort of doubt it. I always liked Manchette's film and literary reviews, and just ordered Chroniques and Les yeux du momie published by Rivage. Any comments on either of these? Don't know why I haven't come across them before, particularly since I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time in French bookshops. Woody Haut

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