Date: 16 Aug 2002

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<< I thought SILENCE OF THE LAMBS was spectacular. HANNIBAL is

not quite on the same level as SILENCE, but its still a good

book. There are parts in it that really shine. >>

I'm with you on this one. Silence of the Lambs is a terrific BOOK. So much so, that the very faithful film adaptation was a tremendous disappointment to me. This is probably due in my part to my strong preference to Bryan Cox's Lector in MANHUNTER to Hopkins' over the top portrayal. And Julianne Moore in the film version of Hannibal is far more interesting and credible to me than Jodie Foster. Interestingly, I liked the endings of both the book and film versions of Hannibal. Thomas Harris never fails to come up with very dark things for his bad guys to do. Case in point...

Minor spoiler alert...

Mason Verger torturing children so that he can drink their tears is every bit as weird, sick and chilling as Francis Dollarhyde skinning fat chicks to make himself a girl suit.

Manhunter is a terrific thriller. It will be very difficult for Red Dragon to equal, much less surpass. The one thing that gives me hope are some of the casting elements, particularly Ralph Fiennes as Dollarhyde and Edward Norton as Will Graham.

John Lau

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