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Date: 15 Aug 2002

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> I WAS DORA SUAREZ sits on the shelf, waiting for me to
> quit being so damned anal and repeat an author.

And what would John Dove say about that? Actually, Mike, there's a way out. I'm not going to suggest reading what you damned well want to when you want to because that suggestion (as all us borderline obsessive compulsives know) is preposterous. But you could alternate. New author, repeat author, new author, etc. Makes for a nice regular pattern and satisfies your desire to read more than one book by the same author without sacrificing your original goal. (I have a One New Author Every Third Book rule. I'm nearly cured).

> I read a short novel called 52 PICKUP, by Elmore Leonard,
> over the weekend. It was an interesting and enjoyable
> story, with a good plot and well-drawn characters. But
> it didn't move me. Austin Powers would say, "No mojo,
> baby." The plot had plenty of room for tension, but the
> narrative never found it. It was still a fun ride.

I love Elmore Leonard, but I certainly wouldn't read him to be moved. His best characters tend to be a pretty detached bunch - amoral, sociopathic even. They don't feel the need to justify their actions and consequently there isn't a lot of interior monologue, which is fine by me but isn't to everyone's taste. That aside, Leonard's dialogue and plotting are hard to beat. I thought THE SWITCH was a near-perfect crime novel.


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