RARA-AVIS: blood work movie

From: Carrie Pruett ( pruettc@hotmail.com)
Date: 13 Aug 2002

I thought Connelly's "Blood Work" was a fairly minor but enjoyable novel; the plot and most of the characters were pretty forgettable, with most of the interest coming from the main character's situation and the challenges presented by the heart transplant.

The film I likewise found to be well-executed, nothing particularly special.
  The transplant and related issues seem less prominent in the film, but what does come across is a well-done procedural. It plays a bit like an extended episode of "Law & Order" - in a good way; like that series, the casting in the supporting and even smaller roles is terrific. The film is almost worth watching just for Rick Hoffman (the bright light of the late and otherwise unlamented Bochco series "Philly") in a few scenes where he plays a witness. Also Tina Liffords (sp?) as Jaye Winston, Wanda DeJesus as McCaleb's "client," Paul Rodriguez as an LA cop, and Anjelica Huston (!) as the cardiologist. I was more indifferent to Jeff Daniels, and Eastwood seemed miscast but since he's responsible for putting the whole thing together it's hard to hold it too much against him -- the "mystery" is overobvious and the obligatory chase scene at the end didn't have much suspense for me for whatever reason. By the by, there are some significant plot changes from the book, but if you've got a good memory of the book, the screenwriter drops some clues early on. . .


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