Re: RARA-AVIS: Police Procedural definition

From: Mario Taboada (
Date: 12 Aug 2002

No dialogue on the page is realistic (by which I mean, real realistic), at least if it's good dialogue. When I called Bill James's dialogue realistic I meant that I found it convincing, whatever that means. The realism operates within the fictive space. And furious green nouns dance the dirty-boogie with refried critical jargonisms.

So, who are the great *critics* of crime fiction? Our genre, which is by now quite old, deserves at least one critic as good as Edmund Wilson, H.L. Mencken, Gore Vidal, or Mary McCarthy. I know that Boucher reviewed a lot of books, but I never found much critical depth in his articles. Maybe the genre should collectively hire James Sallis as its permanent record-keeper. He has the irony, the stealth, the wisdom and the words -- and the love for the genre, which is essential. Didn't Edmund Wilson write some basic instructions for people who want to be critics and reviewers?

One of this days I'll tell the Man from Rara-Avis story, which happened to me in a town in Kentucky.

Best, and I really got behind in my Gold Medal plans. I haven't even finished the Aarons novel.


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