RARA-AVIS: Recent JDM Gold Medal purchases

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 10 Aug 2002

A couple of days ago I found a milk crate full of John D. MacDonald paperbacks at a bookstore, all Fawcett Gold Medals, though none are firsts. Seems like the appropriate month to list them, with copyright dates and the Gold Medal numbers. The last two were surprises.

THE END OF THE NIGHT (1960, R1969). Dedicated "to Roger and Geoffrey, who left their marks on the manuscript."

JUDGE ME NOT (1951, d1948). "Everything they said about what she was and what she did was true."

MURDER FOR THE BRIDGE (k1537). "She may look like an angel ... but she's a tramp."

ONE MONDAY WE KILLED THEM ALL (1961, T2214). "In just six days McAran tore apart the quiet world of Brook City. On the seventh he rested, waiting for the carnage that morning would bring."

S*E*V*E*N (1971, T2412). Collection of seven short stories.

SOFT TOUCH (1958, T2619).

YOU LIVE ONCE (1956, T2314). "... and somebody thought that was one time too many for a woman with a haunting suspicion--and no scruples at all!"

THE GOOD OLD STUFF (1982) and MORE GOOD OLD STUFF (1984). Collections of old pulp stories, with minor updates so they seemed current.

I COULD GO ON SINGING (1963, k1291). "If you ever loved a Judy Garland song, you owe it to yourself to read this haunting novel of what a great star is really like when the crowds have left and the lights are out ... based on the great new motion picture." Why would JDM do a novelization in 1963? And of a Judy Garland movie?

THE HOUSE GUESTS (1965, M2894). "The funny, touching entertaining true story of two cats and a goose and their adventures with the MacDonald family." First line: "This is not a luvums-duvums-itsyboo book, about pooty-tats." It's not, either. Roger and Geoffrey, to whom THE END OF THE NIGHT was dedicated, are the two cats in question.


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