Re: RARA-AVIS: Procedurals (Martin Beck)

From: Joy Matkowski (
Date: 09 Aug 2002

A friend of mine says they show the authors' progression to the left. I plan to acquire them all eventually, read them in order, and see if I agree. I read them all (or most of them) out of the library in any old order long ago, and I liked them a lot.
    They do seem to be closer to my concept of police procedural than those I've read from non-U.S. countries where the judge is involved in the investigation. Joy

Jim Beaver <> said:
> I certainly meant no slur on the Martin Beck books by calling them
> "semi-procedurals." The Becks are among my very favorite crime stories.
> simply wanted to express a slightly different feeling given me by the
> as opposed to the 87th Precincts or the Terry Marlow book I just finished
> (it held up!). There's something about the Becks that I can't quite put
> finger on, that separates them in my mind, for some reason, from
> nuts-and-bolts cop operation books. But the more I explore that
> "something," the less I can come up with to describe it. So I'm more than
> willing to "restore" them to full procedural status, while I try to figure
> out what made me feel slightly differently about them as compared to
> McBain's boys.

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