R: RARA-AVIS: british terminology

From: Luca Conti ( luca.conti8@tin.it)
Date: 07 Aug 2002

*Golly* is a derogatory term for a Black person.
*Charver* is going to bed with someone.
*Mods* and *Rockers* were two rival teenage movements fron the early Sixties. Mods used to ride Italian motor scooters (*Vespa*). I'm simplifying quite a lot, in this case... The National Front was (and still is, I believe), a White nationalist organisation founded in Britain in 1967 against immigration and multi-racialism.

Best, Luca

Luca Conti


> I could use some enlightenment, here. I'm about halfway
> through Raymond's HE DIED WITH HIS EYES OPEN, and I've run
> across some terms that the context doesn't give away. The
> detective goes into a bar and states that several "National
> Fronters" are sitting in a booth. He says that two are
> "mods" and another is a "rocker" and that they are normally
> mortal enemies. Another time someone mentions going to a bar
> looking for a "golly". Somebody when he is being questioned,
> says he likes a "charver" as well as the next guy. The
> detective orders a "ring-a-ding"
> drink at a bar.

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