From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 05 Aug 2002

John Williams wrote:

"Since 1995 I've chosen all the authors. Some I've worked with intensively, other less so."

John, thanks for introducing me to a lot of authors who've become favorites of mine, in particular Russell James and Ken Bruen, both of whom I first read from Serpent's Tail/Mask Noir.

I've also enjoyed Nicholas Blincoe's Acid Casuals and Jello Salad, John Dale's Dark Angel (go for it Rene) and Graeme Gordon's Bayswater Bodycount, among others. As a matter of fact, I generally pick up any Mask Noir British author I run across. (They have good taste in US authors, too, but I already had most of those, plus few of them get here because of parallel import laws -- still, thanks for finally making the early Pelecanos books available in the states after years out of print and no paperback printings.)


ps -- Did you work much with the guy who wrote Faithless? I recently found a copy, but haven't gotten around to reading it, yet.

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