RARA-AVIS: Angry Moon and foreign HB in Japan

From: Naomi Hoida ( hoida@tokyo.ssg.fujitsu.com)
Date: 05 Aug 2002

to Terrill:

After enjoying ANGRY MOON last week, I ordered SHOOTERS which had been published in Japan in 1999 via a Net bookshop. Do you plan to write it ? I'd like to read a next Ry Caulder's story.

To add royalty for translators, translated books may be higher than Japanese authors'. But it must become a tiny problem if publishers can sell many copies of them.

Many translated books are published in Japan. Many of them are books with English into Japanese. In the matter of mystery, many English writers' books are introduced in Japan though the number one is the U.S.books.

But translated books by other country writers such as French and German are very small. One main reason is lack of translators. Another main reason may be lack of information about mysteries of those countries.

And now, I worry about the slump of the Japanese publishing industry. Decreasing of the sales become a serious problem for publishers and I worry about this as a reader and lover of foreign mysteries.

from Naomi

Naomi Hoida <hoida@tokyo.ssg.fujitsu.com>

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