RARA-AVIS: More on Gold Medal Books

From: abc@wt.net
Date: 01 Aug 2002

The quotation below is from a letter John Faulkner wrote to Richard Carroll, his editor at Gold Medal. It tells you a little about the way writers felt about the new paperback originals.

Bill Crider

"Now let me sell you on Gold Medal. Octavus Roy Cohen wrote you a letter that you printed in one of his books wherein he stated his pleasure in writing 'with his gloves off.' That means a lot to a writer. Gold Medal is the only place I know that gives a writer the leeway you do. About your only restriction is the number of words. I hate that on some of my stories but I realize the necessity for it and I've always said any piece of writing I ever saw would be better for some cutting. I believe your policy fits in with an experiment I've long wanted to see tried; Who is right? The editor or the guy who writes the story? From what 1 know of Gold Medal's policy I think it is closest to giving the reading public writers' stories. As to books that can be put on your shelves and saved, a man is lucky if he finds one of that kind per hundred books he reads. A hundred hardbacks costs you two fifty to three hundred. For twenty-five dollars you can get a hundred paperbacks and if you find one you like you can have it bound to keep. Gold Medal suits me. I believe you've got closer to every writer's dream than you know.

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