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Date: 01 Aug 2002

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> Al said:
> > If by any chance this is "Murder Off the Rack", you'll find it at
> > It's in stock, ships in 24 hours and retails at
> > $29.50. I ordered a copy which was shipped out to me about six weeks
> > so I guess it might turn up sometime during August.
> >
> *************************************
> Thanks, Al! Although that isn't specifically the collection I was looking
> at,
> it might still have the essay in it that I was looking for. It was a Bill
> Crider
> essay about Mickey Spillane. Hell, Al. I need to check it out anyway.
> Even if it doesn't have that specific essay in it, I might still be
> interested in
> it.

Re "Murder Off the Rack". No good home (or boat, or tent) should be without one.

From amazon: "Contributors and their subjects include Donald E. Westlake on Peter Rabe, Loren D. Estleman on Donald Hamilton, Bill Crider on Harry Whittington, Marvin Lachman on Ed Lacy, Max Allan Collins on Jim Thompson, Jon L. Breen on Vin Packer, George Kelley on Marvin H. Albert, Ed Gorman on Charles Williams, Will Murray on Don Pendleton and the Executioner series, and Dick Lochte on Warren Murphy."

Whilst you're at it, Mike, you might want to check out "Difficult Lives" by James Sallis. An excellent, if short, collection of essays on the noir triumvirate of David Goodis, Jim Thompson and Chester Himes. Sallis has also written a fairly recent major biography of Himes (haven't read it yet, so can't comment on it).


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