RARA-AVIS: MARLOWE, PRIVATE EYE may be popping up on public tv stations in t he US in September

From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 01 Aug 2002

Both PBS and the handful of independent public stations might run this. The following stations have definitely signed on: WMVS/WMVT, Milwaukee, WI
                                        WILL, Urbana, IL
                                        KTWU, Topeka, KS
                                        WLIW, Plainview, NY --TM
-----Original Message----- From: Dinah Huff -ATG Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2002 5:19 PM Subject: CPM Contract Announcement - MARLOWE, PRIVATE EYE (MRPI 0B1)

CPM is pleased to announce we are going to CONTRACT ON:
                                **CPM Satellite Screening #17, pg.10** NUMBER: #101 - 105 LENGTH: 60:00* FEED DATE/TIME: #101 #102
                                Monday, September 2, 2002 Tuesday, September 3, 2002
                                1300-1400ET 1300-1400ET

                                #103 #104
                                Monday, September 9, 2002 Tuesday, September 10, 2002
                                1300-1400ET 1300-1400ET

                                #105 (End)
                                Monday, September 16, 2002

                                All are on transponder 512

                                BY AMERICA'S GREATEST THRILLER WRITER:

RAYMOND CHANDLER Chandler's vivid world is one of corruption, blackmail, sudden death and fear - peopled by some of the most colorful characters in American fiction.

Among the world's fictional detective, only one can truly be called the King
- Raymond Chandler's PHILIP MARLOWE. Portrayed by HUMPHREY BOGART, ROBERT MITCHUM, JAMES GARNER, ELLIOTT GOULD and DICK POWELL, the character has become a big-screen legend.

And, for television, Marlowe has been freshly and brilliantly recreated by one of Hollywood's brightest award-winning stars, POWERS BOOTHE.

#101 - The Pencil A sharpened pencil arrives in the mail. What does it mean? Philip Marlowe knows only too well - the Syndicate has marked a victim for death. But who is the hit man and how can Marlowe survive? A terrifying story of violent vengeance in the sunlit streets of Chandler's Bay City.
#102 - Nevada Gas A big-time lawyer is gassed in his car. The trail leads to a vicious mobster and the lawyer's wife - but it's more than the eternal triangle. The motive lies in the past, when the lawyer took a huge fee but failed to defend an innocent man in court. Tense frightening murder mystery.

#103 - Smart-Aleck Kill A movie star is found dead on the day of his greatest premiere. Three hours later, his director dies too. Behind a fa硤e of respectability, lurks the specter of narcotic dependence - and ruthless murder. Dazzling tale of glamour and power in Hollywood at its height.
#104 - The King in Yellow A famous jazz musician is shot in a young girl's bedroom. Marlowe unearths a secret pact to avenge the death of a beautiful singer long ago. But is Marlowe hunting the killer or is the killer hunting him?

#105 - Finger Man Corruption in City Hall and the sudden death of a high official, make Marlowe a hunted man. But who is trying to silence the detective and why? Only when witnesses start to disappear does the truth come out. And the truth is homicide. A fast, action-filled story of big-time deals and small-time hoods.

PRODUCER/ DISTRIBUTOR: Granada International RIGHTS: 4 releases; 9/1/02 - 8/31/04
                                        ncc-no; school re-record - no YEAR PRODUCED: 1984 COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: U.K., produced in U.S. CLOSED MARKETS: None CLOSED CAPTIONED: No STEREO: Yes FLAGS: None CPM Library copy: Beta-SP UNDERWRITERS: None Videocassettes: Products for this series can be purchased
                                        Through Amazon.com or by calling Goldhil
                                        customer service line at 800 250 8760.
                                        Credit card orders are accepted.
                                        Philip Marlowe:
                                                                Private Eye
- 3 Volume
                                                                Gift Boxed Set
$39.95 + S/H and
                                                                Sales Tax where applicable.

                                        These products are also available individually
                                        SRP $19.95/each.

ON-AIR PROMOS SPECIAL NOTES: Originally produced for HBO.

                                        These titles are not available on cassettes.
                                        But, there are Phillip Marlowe titles which
                                        are available from Goldhil Home Video,
                                        1 805 495 0735, extension 215.

                                        They offer a 3 volume gift set of different
                                        episodes for $39.95 plus shipping, handling
                                        and sales tax. PURCHASING STATIONS: WMVS/WMVT, Milwaukee, WI
                                        WILL, Urbana, IL
                                        KTWU, Topeka, KS
                                        WLIW, Plainview, NY SURCHARGE: There is a 20% surcharge on the rights
                                        cost for non-participating stations. A 10%
                                        surcharge is applied for CPM Level two


Dinah Huff Operations Manager American Telecommunications Group (ATG)

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