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Date: 30 Jul 2002

Our local comics/back-issue magazine/paperback collectors' mall store in the Philly suburbs about once a year puts some aspect of their stock on half-price. I've picked up a number of John D. MacDonalds (including very vintage, if not all that rare) for a buck or so each, a Vin Packer and Robert Bloch or two, and not a few anthologies in the recent pb half-price sale. The dealers are out there, and need your support, and they often advertise in the cf magazines and the about-cf magazines, which also need your support. And then there're the auction sites... TM
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Joy said: I don't know why everyone is complaining about book access these days. I've never had more.


Due to the rara-avis list, my interest in books has now stretched beyond the admittedly tremendous selection of in-print books available at barnes and noble or borders.

Many of the books I am interested in now are out of print. Can I still get them? Yes. At a good price? Thats iffy, Joy. I got two old Gores titles delivered to me for under
$5 apiece, but I had to pay $15 for an old Peter Rabe tune,
_The Box_. And I'd like to get a collection of essays that has a Bill Crider article in it. Only problem is they want over $200 for it.

A lot of Willeford, Charles Williams, and Derek Raymond is out of print. Thats only the tip of the iceberg.

Too much stuff outa print and going for more money than I got. Can I cry on your shoulder? Buy me a beer and I'll think of some more sad stories. ;-)

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