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From: Joy Matkowski (
Date: 29 Jul 2002

Coincidentally, last night I was watching C-SPAN's Book Notes program, with the author Beppe Somebody, who'd written _An Italian in America,_ or some such. (Well, my husband had it on, and I was sort of listening while I was working.) When asked why his 1994 book was just now available in the U.S., he said very few European books, even best-sellers, are translated for the U.S. market. I thought of Terrill's comments, too. According to the author, the cultural isolationism ranges beyond fiction.

Joy, who thinks the publishers are too cheap to pay a translator

Etienne Borgers <> said: Terrill Lankford wrote:
> >I've been lurking through UK month, but found it very interesting. One of
> >things I've found most illuminating is the sense that we don't import
> >enough writing from outside this country, even when it is in our own
> language.
> >I wanted to suggest that Etienne host a month on French writers, then I
> >realized we don't get a whole lot of translations of French HB works
here. It
> >seems we have a one way street going with this issue most of the time.
> >about anyone who writes a halfway decent book can sell the rights to
> >for translation (or Japan, Germany, UK, Italy, etc.), but our U.S.
> >don't seem very high on bringing in the imports.
> >
> I totally agree with Terrill about this isolationism of the USA
> popular lit.
> It's because the French (and from other Continental origins) novels are
> scarcely translated, even for the UK market, that I refrain from citing
> names of French authors that could illustrate some of our general
> discussions here.

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