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Date: 27 Jul 2002

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<< Any suggestions on what to read first? >>

    I don't know what you ought to jump on first, Manuel, but I think there's real value in reading Jon A. Jackson's marvelous series about Fang Mulheisen in the order they were written. If my memory is not failing me this evening,
"The Diehard" was the first in line.
    I also recommend "The Concrete Blonde," but if you want to read the Harry Bosch stuff in order, you'll need to back up to "Black Echo" and "Black Ice."
 IMO, you can start anywhere in that trio of novels and you won't be doing any damage to your enjoyment of the series.
    I've also read and enjoyed "The Burnt Orange Heresy," "Chinaman's Chance," and "The Criminalist." If your luck is holding, you should head for Vegas. You made some great buys.

                                        Jim Blue

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