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Date: 27 Jul 2002

Marianne wrote:

> What we are talking about in ancient Greece was something like a
> buddy system. The older man trained and defended the younger man in
> battle, educated him, encouraged him - had a kind of paternal role.
> No doubt if some enemy murdered the younger one he would go to the
> wall avenging him, and hang the Maltese falcon, the femme fatale, and
> everything else.
> Marianne
My reading of the Achilles/Patroclus relationship (& I swear this is my last word on this topic) is that they began in this "buddy" system you mention (& it was often if not universally a sexual relationship also) but when Patroclus reached manhood they were still bunking together, hence raising eyebrows for the next coupla thousand years & probably knowing sniggers around the camp fire (no pun intended) when Homer related this little nugget of info.

If anybody else quotes this post, please include the following: DISCLAIMER: I am not promoting, advocating, defending, attacking, criticising or demeaning homosexuality, in any forms, practiced & non-, in or out of the military, in any era. The same goes for the military, hetero, homo or non-practising.I believe it's possible for a private detective to be homosexual although I'm pretty sure Sam Spade wasn't gay
(Mike Hammer I have some doubts about but not so many I want to argue about it with anyone). I don't think you have to be gay to be a good private dick. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Really.Reading that back, um, look, forget what I said about Mike Hammer. I didn't mean it, just thinking aloud. Honestly.


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