RARA-AVIS: achilles and marlowe

From: Carrie Pruett ( pruettc@hotmail.com)
Date: 26 Jul 2002

debating who Achilles shared his tent with is starting to remind me of "Law
& Order" fans arguing about whether Claire and Jack had an affair. i'll just say that achilles' "gay-pride" stance must have been news to Briseis. as for Ulysses being a draft dodger, Achilles was the one who dressed up as a girl to avoid going to war (Reginald Hill has a lot of fun with all of the above in "Arms and the Women," which is certainly not hard-boiled but at least a mystery novel so I'm headed in the ontopic direction. . .) then, the Iliad pretty much starts with the premise that the war is stupid and anybody who could have gotten out of it would have been better off. hardly a patriotic epic.

as far as Chandler and Arthurian heroes... if I recall, Chandler started out writing about a private dick named "Malory", so his transition from Arthurian romance to Elizabethan revenge tragedy for inspiration might mean something --

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