RARA-AVIS: intro pt. 2

From: Lehane, Con [NEA] ( CLehane@nea.org)
Date: 25 Jul 2002

Just want to finish my intro, as per miker's suggestion and in full agreement with bill denton's sentiments re. self-promotion. My first novel was published this spring in France by Francois Guerif at Rivages/Noir. Although the book was just published, Francois bought the manuscript a few years ago. Prior to his buying the book, I had no idea I was a noir writer ...I'm still not sure I am. But, at that time, I began reading authors he published, whom I wasn't all that familiar with, including David Goodis, Jim Thompson, and Charles Willeford, all of whom were wonderful discoveries for me. Also during this time, I discovered you all and your discussions which were and are very interesting for me. My book, originally written in English, is called Beware the Solitary Drinker and will be published in the US (in a slightly different version than the French edition) this fall by Poisoned Pen Press.

con lehane, who once again apologizes for the disclaimer that follows.
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