RE: RARA-AVIS: heroes/Achilles

From: Robison Michael R CNIN (
Date: 25 Jul 2002

Rene said: Don't blame miker, that was me.


that carrie girl... she's always on my ass. of course, i don't see her sparing anybody else's, either. ;-)

i'm not wore out on this hero discussion yet. i had kind of implied that until hardboiled came along, the hero was all noble and pure and not a bad guy at all. and rene, you were right on target when you mentioned that this wasn't right, and used the odyssey and illiad as examples.

so i started thinking about when, if ever, the hero ideal turned into a true dudley dooright. i know you mentioned christianity, but the heroes of the bible, if any, sure weren't model citizens. the farthest back i can put a finger on this kind of hero ideal is the concept of chiv- alry, which evolved during the medieval period, but because of a breakdown in author/publisher negotiations, didn't show up in literature until the 14th (_sir gawain and the green knight_) and 15th (_le morte d'arthur_) centuries.

darn, i'm starting to feel like a scholar. pass me another one of those longneck fosters, would ya, rene.


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