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From: William Denton (
Date: 24 Jul 2002

On 24 July 2002, Brian Thornton wrote:

: In fact, I posted something to this group a couple of weeks ago
: talking about my first writers' conference, and never saw it actually
: materialize here. I just figured someone in some position of
: authority here decided it was off-topic and killed it.

If mail doesn't show up on the list, it's almost always because it was sent with an attachment (an HTML version of the message, one of those v-card things, or something else). That gets intercepted and I try to send a note explaining why it happened. The list isn't moderated, though, and I don't approve what's posted. If I did I'd never have to remind people to be on topic!

Self-promotion beyond small announcements by writers is discouraged, though we're all interested to hear of new HB or noir stuff published by list members. I think one reason there's not much talk by writers about themselves--which people seem to like, and I know I do--is that we're all here as devotees of the genre, joined by that common bond. I'll use George Pelecanos as an example, since he's not here. He didn't talk much about his books, although when asked he'd say really interesting things. Mostly he just liked to talk about his favourite books and writers, because he loves all the same stuff the rest of us do.


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