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From: Anthony Dauer (
Date: 23 Jul 2002

It's also an obvious marketing ploy ...

Anthony Dauer
Alexandria, Virginia

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I don't recall the source but I understand that Ellroy has accused Mosley of ripping off his ideas to write A RED DEATH. If it's true that Ellroy has said this, it reflects far more poorly on Ellroy than Mosley. The notion that no-one other than Ellroy could hit on the idea of writing about the "red scare" of the 50's is just ludicrous. I would have thought that it was one of the most obvious story ideas that some one writing crime fiction set in LA in the 1950's could come up with & I don't possess Ellroy's genius. (I'm not even going to go into why an author of Mosley's talent would need to steal from Ellroy)

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