From: Todd Mason ( foxbrick@netzero.net)
Date: 19 Jul 2002

Cliff Campbell Death from the Book 10 nt Walter C. Fabell Light on Murder 23 ss Frank Kane Slay upon Delivery 28 ss (Johnny Liddell) T. W. Ford The Killer Pleads Guilty 37 ss Marcus Lyons Murder Wears a Mourning Cloak 40 ss Bruno Fischer Two Mice for a Cat 48 "feature novel" Judy Zissman The "Crank" Case 64 ss Leo Hoban Dressed up for Homicide 70 nt Nat Schachner No Greater Love 87 ar? (listed as ss, blurbed as "a true story," and it's written in a nonfictional manner)

                Edited by Robert W. Lowndes. 15c; 75c/year. Bimonthly. Pulp. Columbia

                The Merril/Zissman story is charmingly ramshackle pulp work. A
                ne'er-do-well ex baseball pitcher murders with a thrown rock, one

                which causes a wound "in" his uncle's head. For some reason, the
                preposition seems infelicitous.

                The original purchaser made some notes in pencil on the pages:

                "96 Total of Pages
                25 pages of ads
                63 pages of reading
                7 pictures
                Bought January 1946."

                On succeeding pages:
                "Pulp=This magazine Jan 1946"
                "HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE, Feb. 15c" (I take it this and the following is an inventory of other purchases that day)
                "SPEED DETECTIVE, Feb. 15c"
                "WEIRD TALES, 15c dim print"
                "MAMMOTH MYSTERY, 25c"
                "SUPER DETECTIVE, 15c"
                "All magazines except MAMMOTH has [sic] blurred print." TM

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