RARA-AVIS: RE: Cold Steel Rain

From: Dick Lochte ( dlochte@adelphia.net)
Date: 16 Jul 2002

The d骠 vu feeling works either way. I read the first book, "Cold Steel Rain" and loved it. For me, its resolutions competed the Danny Chaisson story. I wish Abel (whose bare bones thumbnail bio suggests he isn't named Abel at all) had come up with a new character for "The Burying Field." That book's plot -- the murder and its aftermath -- is strong, but Chaisson's personal story seemed tacked on and stretched. In "Rain" personal story and plot were beautifully interwoven. If ever a "series" should be read in order, it's this one.

Dick Lochte

Craig Larson wrote: I, too, just finished this book recently. I enjoyed it, though not quite so much as his second book about Danny Chaisson, The Burying Field. Part of the problem, I think, is that Abel mentions plot points from Rain so often in Field that I almost felt as if I'd already read it.

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