Re: RARA-AVIS: Kenneth Abel's Cold Steel Rain

From: Chris Martin (
Date: 15 Jul 2002

Ed Lynsky said:
>Just finished Kenneth Abel's Cold Steel Rain
>and enjoyed the dialogue and pacing. It's
>yet another novel set in New Orleans which
>I worried about at the beginning. However,
>the narrative stayed fresh and lively. I'm
>wondering if anyone else has read/has opinions
>on his other titles? Is this sort of novel
>considered hardboiled or more crime suspense?

I enjoyed both Cold Steel Rain and The Burying Field, the next book in what I hope becomes a series. I don't consider them to be all that hard boiled, but I think many on this list would enjoy them. Just out of curiosity, why did the New Orleans setting put you off initially, Ed?

The Burying Field reminded me a bit of Thomas H. Cook's excellent Evidence of Blood, though I must confess that it's been eight or nine years since I read that one. I guess I'll need to give that one another reading sometime soon. Had I been an Avian during the compilation of the the "blown away" list, both Evidence of Blood and Breakheart Hill would have made my cut.


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