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Date: 12 Jul 2002

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<< Of course, the flipside is just about every boring Hollywood flick to

come out in the last 20+ years has featured a soundtrack of 50's/60's

pop hits. When it ain't done right it's very forgettable. >>

this isn't true at all. now they have obnoxious hip hop soundtracks. and in the 80's, there was that generic sounding, over-produced, rock bombast

I'll take a 50's/60's pop hit soundtrack any day of the week. even on a Merchant/Ivory flick. now THAT would be interesting.

and just to keep the missive on-topic, I've finally pulled Marcel Montecino's 3rd and final novel SACRED HEART off my TBR shelf. Montecino's debut back in
'88 was a pretty good cop story called THE CROSSKILLER that showed flashes of brilliance, but nothing that would prepare one for his stunning follow up BIG TIME. Big Time concerned a New Orleans piano player with a gambling problem, who blows town in thrilling fashion to escape the local mob. he re-invents h imself, but falls for a beautiful singer in Rio who jumpstarts his songwriting career. of course, his new found fame leads his enemies to his door.

SACRED HEART is period, set in New York during prohibition, and the protagonist is the trigger happy son of an Irish mobster. at least, so far it is. the blurb leads one to believe that after everything goes to shit, he hooks up with his older brother, a priest down in Mexico.

Montecino's work is typified by searing dramatic scenes, as well as borderline gratuitous sex and violence. he made a big Hollywood score in the early 90's and went on a huge substance abuse binge. he finally got his shit back together and wrote Sacred heart, which as I recollect from the book signing I attended, is ultimately about redemption. then he died. he was not an old man, but the years had taken their toll.

John Lau

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