Re: RARA-AVIS: Spade's bed in the Falcon movie

From: Ed Lynskey (
Date: 12 Jul 2002

I remember having a visual hiccup with that scene, too. My impression was that the characters had shuffled the furniture off to the side
(out of the camera's range) for their nocturnal wait. But I don't remember actually having seen furniture moved.

Ed Lynskey

--- William Denton <> wrote:
> I saw the Bogart MALTESE FALCON last night, and loved it as
> much as ever
> (especially, as always, Gutman's line about leaving the rara
> avis on the
> table as a memento for Miss O'Shaughnessy). Today I've been
> wondering
> about something: Spade's bed in his apartment. When he's
> woken up by the
> phone call telling him Archer's dead, he sits on the side of
> his bed as he
> takes the call and then calls Effie to ask that she break the
> news to Iva
> Archer. We can see the head of the bed, and it looks like it
> has a metal
> frame. Later that night, the cops come by, and sit in chairs
> facing the
> bed while questioning Spade.
> When everyone's waiting all night for the falcon to arrive,
> there's no
> bed. Brigid reclines on a sofa, and it doesn't look like a
> pull-out sofa
> bed. Gutman sits in one of the chairs the cops sat in, but no
> bed faces
> it. Was the bed really a sofa-bed (it's not a Murphy bed),
> did the camera
> angles hide it, or did the set designer just get rid of it
> when it wasn't
> needed?
> I can't deny this is a minor matter, but it's been bugging me.
> Bill


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